Classic Wrap Earrings簡約雙弧耳環E011005-SS




直徑大小: 1.2mm
寬度: 4mm
內容物: 1 對
材質: 925純銀
供應地: Guangdong

* 圖片顏色因個人電腦螢幕不同而有所差異,請以實體商品為準。


Diameter : 1.2mm

Width : 4mm

Content : 1 pair

Material : Sterling Silver

From : Guangdong

* The pictures are for reference only. Different monitors could show different color variations.


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Please measure your earlobe thickness to  choose the suitable earrings.

耳垂尺寸 Earlobe

長 Long : 10mm

寬 Width : 8mm

厚 Thickness : 3.5mm

  • 請測量您的耳垂厚度,以選擇適當的耳環。較福氣的耳垂可能會無法配戴,請聯繫客服做確認。
  • Please measure your earlobe thickness to choose the suitable earrings. Thicker earlobes may not fit, please contact customer service for confirmation.

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